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Multidisciplinary studies are one of the leading research areas in the 21st century both across the world and in Turkey. In this context, many universities across the world introduced multidisciplinary programs. And in Turkey, YOK (the Council of Higher Education) started to support these programs. As a result, the number of scientists studying on this field in some of the leading countries across the world and in Turkey is increasing day by day. However, the studies conducted in this field in Turkey are not sufficient enough.

With the "II. International Congress on Multidisciplinary Studies" in Adana on 4-5 May 2018, our goal is to support multidisciplinary studies, gather scientists working on this field, and to draw attention to multidisciplinary studies. With this object in mind, we invite academics and researchers working in the fields of Educational Sciences, Physical Sciences, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Sports Sciences to contribute to the congress. Topics: Social Sciences and Humanities, Educational Sciences, Fine Arts, Health and Sports Sciences, Theology / Religious Studies, Law, Architecture Planning and Design, Philology, Science and Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Sports Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry and Aquaculture. Congress Thematic Studies: Adana and Cukurova Regional Studies, Adana in national struggle period, New Adana Newspaper in 100th, Local Press in Turkey (Past, Present, Future), Syrian refugees and migration, the Middle East Crisis and its Impact on Southern Province. Exhibition: The original and mixed exhibition will be organized at the congress. The language of the Congress is Turkish, English and Arabic. The abstract book of the declarations presented at the Congress will be published as an e-book in an international publishing house.Full texts of the declarations presented at the Congress will be published as an e-book in an international publishing house as a chapter in the book.The congressional participation document will be presented at the session hall at the end of the oral presentation.

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  • Abstract Submission Start:15.01.2018
  • Abstracts Submission Ending:15.04.2018
  • Accepted Announcement Abstracts:20.04.2018
  • Symposıum Payment Deadline:25.04.2018
  • Symposıum Program Announcement:28.04.2018
  • Symposıum Start Date:04.05.2018
  • Symposıum Completion Date:05.05.2018

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